I’m going to reveal to you the fastest, most effective way to shorten the distance between where your sales are now and where you want them to be.

Dear, soon-to-be, MORE Highly-Paid Expert,

If you are currently a coach, consultant, service professional or some other specialized expert, I am going to share with you what just might be the most powerful, predictable and repeatable path to increasing your revenue in the coming weeks and months.

And you can achieve this with a lot less headaches and frustration than you’re probably experiencing chasing the latest, greatest marketing panacea.

The solution I’m referring to is unleashing professional, targeted direct-response copy to eager recipients helping guide them to a buying decision that they feel ecstatic about while simultaneously generating more revenue for your business.

What is direct-response copy? Simply put, it’s words that grab your ideal prospect’s attention, affirms their biggest challenge and works them into an emotional lather while leading them to take a specific action towards the solution NOW, not later. That action is often to buy from you but it can also be to join your email list.


Here is what one of my teachers, marketing legend Jeff Walker has to say...

  • Jeff Walker- Inventor of the Product Launch Formula
    "Almost everything we do in our kind of businesses comes down to "copy"... it either moves our prospects closer to the sale, or it moves them further away."
    Jeff Walker- Inventor of the Product Launch Formula

Skillfully crafted direct response copy can:

It takes just a few minutes to find out how I can help you

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  • Michael Port
    David Jehlen is a kick ass copywriter (and Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach). Highly recommended! Michael Port- NY Times Best Selling author
    Michael Port

By now I’m sure that you are aware of just how important it is to build and nurture a list of targeted, motivated prospects. It truly is one of the biggest keys to developing a highly successful business.

If you already have a data base of current clients and interested prospects then you have the opportunity to increase your sales lightning fast! A direct-response campaign and sales page could spike your revenue in the coming weeks!

Even if you don’t have an existing list or customer base, I can still help you generate more leads and help put the infrastructure in place to convert more of those leads to real clients. Of course this assumes that you are in fact good at what you do and that you can actually help people.

You might be wondering who the hell am I and why am I the one to help you?

Well, I’m certainly not a guru (although I’ve worked with a few of them). I’m a guy with a very eclectic background who decided to jump feet first into the whitewater rapids of the coaching and consulting world seeking quick success…before drowning and ending up just another casualty sprawled out on the shore.

You can read more HERE.

Fortunately, after spending more than $47K on some of the best marketing, sales and copywriting trainings and masterminds available and immersing myself tirelessly into the study of what gets more people to BUY, I solved the riddle for myself.

Then others began to ask me to help them solve their “lack of paying clients” woes. Over the last 5+ years I’ve helped authors, web designers, financial advisers, health & fitness experts and other coaches, consultants and personality driven businesses increase their bottom lines.

My results have ranged from a few thousand bucks for a simple email to $116,432 in 44 days for a full out launch.

  • Holly Chantal- The Land of Brand
    I would highly recommend David if you are looking to sell more of your products and programs. He has a lot of integrity, expertise, and he gets results. Holly Chantal- The Land of Brand
    Holly Chantal- The Land of Brand

The truth is, learning how to write highly-effective, direct-response copy is pretty damn hard.

There is no blue pill to instantly turn you into a seasoned, sales converting writer. You may have heard otherwise but they are lying.

The good news is that you can learn to be much better than you are today fairly rapidly and I have some resources that can help you do just that.

As a matter of fact, I strongly encourage you to at least learn the basics of good copy as it will only to help you spread your message more convincingly. It will also help you to recognize what professional copy looks like when you decide to hire a copywriter.

If you have an existing data base…

A copywriter and marketing strategist “worth their salt” won’t end up costing you one, thin dime.

You should know what your time is worth. You should be spending your scarce, valuable time engaging in the essential activities that reside in your core strengths.

Do the stuff you’re good at!

The wisest and most successful business owners I know understand this and bring in professionals to take on key initiatives.

If you DO NOT have a list or existing data base…

A good copywriter and marketing strategist can help you create and implement the essential prospect and client attracting pieces to your revenue generating puzzle.

Despite some ill-informed, contrarian, so-called experts telling you that building a list is overrated and not at all where you should focus your time.


Do you think real, valuable and relevant interaction with thousands of eager, motivated, targeted prospects gives you a better shot at adding a zero or two to your income?


Calling up Uncle Jimmy, your second cousin from Gainsville and your neighbor who you pretend to like so hopefully they won't let their dog poop in your yard?

I rest my case.

It will cost you nothing more than 2 minutes of your time

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I could be like lots of others out there who have hung their “copywriter” shingle and just show you a schedule of fees.

Problem is that this would do you a HUGE disservice.


Because searching for the best, copywriting partner is much different than shopping for toothpaste. It’s about so much more than comparing prices.

See, what you may not know is that a lot of the “copywriters” out there leapt into this business because they got straight A’s in English Lit class.

They may be able to write you a great technical paper or make sure semicolons are used correctly…but it doesn’t mean they know a damn thing about getting you more sales.

I would much rather SHARE the risk and reward with YOU!

When stakes are high, everyone involved should have some serious skin in the game.

My favorite working relationships are the ones where I am majorly primed to shovel as much bouillon into your coffer as possible…so the more you make, the more I make.

And if I don’t deliver…well, then I don’t reap the rewards for my hours and hours of time invested.

If you and I are a good fit, that’s not going to happen. But of course you can rest a little easier knowing I’m sharing the risk with you.

To be completely transparent though, I generally only make these arrangements with clients who have a reasonably sized email list or data base or have access to somebody else's list.

If you are just starting or don’t have a list, I will require some more money up front.

However, the benefits to you could be monstrous and it won’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time to find out.

  • David is an exceptionally gifted writer, creative and FAST!” Teresa Shaffer-Shaffer Executive Coaching

The truth is this may not be right for you

It’s really important that our relationship be a tremendous WIN-WIN for the both of us.

Here are a few questions to ponder before inquiring further:

  • Are you willing to trust a marketing and sales pro to do his job in the quest to ramp up your revenues?

  • Are you (almost) insanely driven to spread your message and succeed by helping others become smarter, healthier, happier, richer or freer?

  • Do you have a higher-priced product or service? A $6.99 e-book won’t cut it.

  • Do you have a sense of humor with skin thicker than rice paper?

  • Are you willing to accept the inevitable discomfort that comes from amplifying the best of who you are and what you offer in your marketing materials?

And as I mentioned earlier, it certainly helps if you have an existing list or access to a well targeted list. If not, you and I can discuss the possibilities in a bit more depth.

It will only require a few minutes to find out if this is what you’ve been looking for.

Find out now

P.S. You have a decision to make. You can get caught up in the next big gimmicky marketing wave that rolls by (there’s always a new one) OR you can get serious about taking a massive leap in your business and tap into a PROVEN strategy for dramatically increasing your revenue. It may not initially seem as sexy as the shiny object of the day but making more money is always sexy in my book!