I’m going to open my “playbook” and reveal to you the same seemingly elusive “insider secrets” I’ve used to help hundreds of coaches, consultants, authors and service professionals attract and convert more paying clients


Do you ever wonder how some of the leaders in your industry even got there?

Let’s you and I be honest with each other here. You’re better at what you do than a lot of them.

Am I right?

Look, this isn’t sour grapes at all, it’s just sometimes we need to take off the rose colored glasses and look at things the way they are.

Sure there are some amazing and inspiring leaders who have tirelessly climbed to the top of the mountain…then there are others where we scratch our heads and wonder how they found the ski-lift.

It’s crystal clear: BIG TIME success is NOT reserved for…

  • The most talented

  • The hardest working

  • Those with the most letters after their name

  • …And it’s certainly not reserved for those who necessarily DESERVE it.

The truth is life isn’t fair…

But there are strategies, tactics and mindsets you can adopt and model that will dramatically improve your odds of winning.

I can show you some very specific, powerful and leverageable actions that you can take to make monstrous gains in your authority, visibility and most importantly, PROFITS.

You can have the impactful, lifestyle business you’ve been envisioning.

And it’s not a matter of loading your already burgeoning schedule with lots more to do items but rather about knowing exactly what to do next.

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  • “David is a master. His all-round business, sales and marketing skills enable him to make words dance off a page to drive revenue for your business. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for his Copywriting, or Coaching, services!” Michael Trow- Alderbest Solutions

Why Me?

After building a bricks & mortar business to a seven figure enterprise, I unconsciously undermined my success until I forced myself to get out and start again.

The reality hit me that even though I had achieved “success” I hated what I was doing but didn’t have the guts to admit it. The REAL me was determined to disrupt the way things were.

I wanted work that fired me up and served a bigger mission…so, of course, I became a consultant!

I needed prospects, clients and revenue for my new venture and while I had years of sales experience under my belt, I needed to learn how to translate what I knew to the online world.

It took me years of scratching and clawing…along with over 47K invested in internet marketing and copywriting training…to learn the ropes and figure out how this whole client attracting, money getting “game” worked.

In addition to becoming one of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Managers and Platinum Mastermind members, I also studied and worked with the amazing author and marketing wizard Michael Port, becoming one of his Book Yourself Solid Elite Certified Coaches.

Here's what Michael Port says about David

Is this the RIGHT choice for YOU?

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Even the "Best of the Best" Need a Coach

I have been extremely fortunate over the last five years to work with some fun, interesting, driven and successful experts and entrepreneurs.

Some of them are household names in their industries and others you’ve never heard of but they are in the trenches establishing themselves and realizing success…on their terms.

They all have a burning vision and desire to contribute to humankind while creating an amazing lifestyle.

Every successful person I know, even the big wigs, has someone to help guide them…a pro they can confide in and who will hold them accountable.

You may have some of the same questions my clients have:

  • Which business model will be the most lucrative and satisfying?

  • How do I create an effective sales cycle that leads more prospects to purchase?

  • What systems can I put into place that will create more passive income?

  • Is a product launch campaign right for me? Where do I even start?

  • Sales makes me uncomfortable. How do I resolve this?

  • How can I get myself do the things that I know I need to do?

The most important factor in taking huge leaps in your business (and life for that matter) is adopting the right mindset to achieve what you really want.

This is the biggest reason why talented, hardworking experts fail to reach their potential.

Don’t be your own worst enemy, sabotaging the very success and fulfillment of your purpose you want so badly.

You could be a few small steps from monumental gains

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  • “We recently worked with David and he can take what seem to be complicated marketing and sales strategies and distill them into simple, actionable items. Working with David I’ve learned entirely new ways to enhance our revenue streams in a matter of minutes. With David I always get more than what I expect.” Yvonne Charnesky- Von Henry Media

I Can Help You Break Through


If you and I are “right” for each other, we will practically be joined at the hip.

I enjoy intimate working relationships with my personal coaching clients. For this reason (other than our initial phone call), I insist on at least an all-day session but prefer a quarterly or even annual arrangement.

I have found that this level of commitment produces, by far, the biggest results.

My fees start at $2,000 but that isn’t important right now.

I only work with clients I’m confident will realize at the minimum a 10X ROI… or much, much more.

I am very Selective about Who I work with


And you should be too.

This isn’t about some stealth “take away” mind trick but a proven approach to making a lot more money, achieving mind-blowing results and enjoying your work a hell of a lot more.

If I can’t help you get to where you want to go then we shouldn’t waste each other’s time.

Hopefully you feel the same way.

Please do not schedule a call with me if:

  • You have a super “stiff collar” and little to no sense of humor

  • You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme and really don’t give a rat’s ass about helping people

  • You currently do not have a product, service or skill to sell

  • You would rather work in a cave and avoid real human contact

  • You want to maintain the status quo & stay away from beliefs & actions that might require you to smash old paradigms & embark on a new, exciting & even uncomfortable path

None of the above apply to me!

I want to talk!
  • “Working with David as your coach, you'll not only grow your business, you'll grow yourself!” Creativity Coach Jeannie Thomma at JeannieThomma.com

P.S. Look, I know it can be uncomfortable to speak with someone you don’t know on the phone (or Skype).

Pushing through discomfort is one of the keys to realizing the extraordinary potential you have.

I promise to be straight forward but respectful. I also promise that you will benefit from our conversation or I will pay you $100.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!