KEYNOTE: The Marketing Gods Have LIED to You: The 3 Things You REALLY Need to Attract More Clients & Make More Sales

As a coach, consultant, speaker, author or some other expert, you have an important message you MUST ‘get out there.’ You have transformational knowledge that a ravenous market would love to devour.


So what gives!?!?!? WHY don’t they know that YOU ARE THE ONE? Why don’t they see the value that you provide and eagerly pay you what you’re worth?


The problem is you’re DISTRACTED. You are mesmerized by the non-stop parade of dancing unicorns and Unidentified Shiny Objects. The marketing gods have lied to you and sold you a bill of goods that keep you on an endless wild goose chase.


Marketing is overrated. You are underrated.


In this wild and insightful presentation, David is going to reveal:

  • Why marketing is overrated and why you need to break your addiction to believing in unicorns and knights in shining armor.

  • The Different Shade of Beige Syndrome and why it’s sucking every ounce of your potential into a black hole.

  • What do you really want? How in the hell can you create a remarkable business and life if you don’t know the answer?

  • 5 Keys to Creating your Money Message…and how to apply it to your product launches, sales pages and email campaigns to make your cash register ring!

  • Your One Burning Thing and why if it isn’t pissing some people off you are absolutely DOOMED!

  • What does your ideal client want (and not necessarily what they SAY they want)? If you can answer this you will unlock the door to getting everything YOU want.

David Jehlen brings over 15 years of marketing, sales and management experience from a diverse journey that includes owning a traditional, bricks and mortar business to building a successful online business in his flip flops. On stage, David dispels the marketing myths, cuts through the mental sabotages and delivers the essential, leverageable lessons focused on attracting awesome clients, converting more sales and creating a fulfilling business.

  • Harolyn Keeney
    David Jehlen is a no holds barred teacher who brings it to the table as it is and transforms "it" into an experience that is relevant to the individual/situation and the moment.
    Harolyn Keeney
  • Suzanne Lawlor
    You have a passion for your work, and it shows. Your talk left me with a lot to think about and in the process I returned to a tool I didn’t realize I had left behind. So I’ve renewed my sense of purpose, refocused and recaptured a passion and a joy I had been neglecting -- my writing. Thank you for being an inspiration.
    Suzanne Lawlor
  • J.M. Gibbons
    His ability to both challenge and entertain his audience makes David a truly talented presenter.
    J.M. Gibbons
  • Sallyeanne Dalton
    After listening to David my positive emotional state was only paralleled by the thought provoking reminders of his talk that stayed with me the entire week.
    Sallyeanne Dalton
  • Smitty (Philip W. Smit)
    He always manages to have "THAT" insight which seems to apply to ME. He makes me feel positive about the future and eager to apply the principles in the pursuit of improving my life and those around me...He sets a standard for others to follow and gives them the path to lead them on their way.
    Smitty (Philip W. Smit)
  • Greg Yarmesch
    David has the charisma, wisdom and presence to move any audience. And he has the character, integrity and love to move any individual. Thank you David!
    Greg Yarmesch

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